New Retail

Data-driven Interactive Online + Offline Retail Marketing

New Retail is essentially consumer-centric and data-driven retail that integrates E-commerce and physical stores. Powered by big data and AI, New Retail offers consumers a holistic and integrated retail experience. Set up in 2017, our award-winning New Retail solutions team offers a full-suite of services for brands looking to embark on the New Retail journey.

Working with the likes of Alibaba TMall, and Wechat/Tencent, our services range from interactive pop-up activations, Online + Offline data-driven media marketing to in-store digital interactive retail technology solutions etc. Officially authorized by TMall New Retail, we are amongst the earliest batch of New Retail service providers. We are also recognized by TMall New Retail as a Joint-Business Partner (JBP). Our experienced team, proven track-record and full-service offerings allow us to deliver a seamless New Retail marketing experience.

Our New Retail Achievements

2018 TMall New Retail JBP
Captive was appointed by TMall New Retail as Joint Business Partner and official service provider.

Service scope covers:
- Media aggregator & mall media vendor for Offline-to-Online Digital OOH media
- Commercial zone / shopping mall interactive media engagements
- Concept development & design, production, management & execution of interactive Online + Offline pop-ups
- Commercial zone / Shopping mall integrated resource & space management
- Interactive technology application & consumer experience engagement

alibaba one conference 2019
Captive was invited to participate in the Alibaba 2019 ONE Business Conference and was awarded the 'New Retail Outstanding Eco-friendly & Emerging Company Award'.

“ONE Business Conference” is the largest online business conference organized by the Alibaba group.The main themes of the conference are: Commercial Operating Systems, the Eleven Business Elements, Digital Transformation and how to better predict future trends.

Golden Wheat Awards 2018 Most Creative Award
Captive was presented with the ‘Outstanding Creative & Innovation Award’ for our pop-up design & concept work and use of interactive technology.

Captive was invited and endorsed by TMall New Retail to take part in the Golden Wheat Awards 2018. This prestigious award was first launched in 2013 and is recognized as the ‘Oscars’ of the China e-commerce industry.

Our New Retail Clientele

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