Captive Media

Reaching the Right People the Right Way.

Captive Media offers integrated media solutions covering Out-of-Home Media and Digital/Social Media. From strategic planning to buying to monitoring, we provide value-add to ensure effective reach and direct engagements with the most relevant and targeted audience.

Our data-driven approach focuses on using targeted media with captive audiences and deploying integrated creative media engagements. Our national OOH and Digital/Social media resources includes MallMax, China’s largest shopping mall integrated media platform, cinema/in-movie media, residential compound media, office building media, Wechat, TMall platform media, OTV/Video Programmatic Buying, Mobile Programmatic Buying.

Our Media Clientele

Media Planning & Procurement
Data-driven and targeted media strategic planning & buying services focused on OOH, online media and social media channels across China.
China’s largest shopping mall integrated media platform with over 308 large-format indoor digital screens in over 288 popular malls in over 66 cities, MallMax reaches over 320 million visitors monthly. MallMax offers over 350 large-format digital screens at the main atriums, mall event venues and other media resources such as light-boxes, banners, lift-door stickers and escalator stickers.
OOH Media Resources
Our Out-of-Home national-wide media resources includes cinema pre-roll advertising & pop-up activations, residential compounds, office buildings, hospitals, gyms and bars.
Online/Digital Media Resources
Our online/ digital media resources covers OTV and mobile programmatic buying, Wechat, Alipay, TMall platform media, Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and various User-Generated Content interest platforms.
Our proprietary Online+Offline, location-based & data-driven digital media platform combining different targeted OOH media channels in targeted OOH environments and E-commerce platforms.
Travel+ is a 360° integrated media package custom-tailored for travel/tourism industry advertisers in China. from Digital/Social and Out-of-Home arenas such as MallMax (Shopping Malls), Cinema, Residential and Office. By reinforcing key messages across multiple critical touchpoints that target consumers where they work, live, shop, play and socialize, Travel+ offers a powerful integrated platform for advertisers.